Allianz Indonesia is Hiring QA Engineers

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Allianz Indonesia is Hiring QA Engineers

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Hi there !

Allianz is an multinational Insurance company, with biggest digital ambitions ever! We have 250+ digital talents and counting.
We chase latest technology to be our solution, and it means on the testing process too.
We are using selenium, appium, UFT Developer, Cucumber, robotframework and many other awesome tools to create our test automation.
We believe in agile software development and that's why we choose scrum for our team framework.

If you :
1. Have experience in any programming language (Java, Ruby, Python, etc ) or robotframework
2. Have experience in any automation tools ( selenium, appium, sikuli, etc )
3. Have 2 years of software testing experience
4. Have big motivation to learn new technology and process

Then you might be the right person to join our team.

As an 125+ years multinational corporate, we offer :
1. Full time employee position
2. Competitive salary
3. Medical insurance for you and your family
4. International learning and career opportunity

Submit your resume here:

or send your cv to

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